How the trail was built.

The Potowatomi Mountain Biking Association (PotoMBA –, an International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) Chapter, spearheaded the trail development with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). In February 2015, PotoMBA and MDNR signed an Operating Agreement to construct the Midwest’s most epic mountain bike trail system. In early 2016, the DTE Energy Foundation provided over a quarter-million dollars to fund trail construction, and the trail was rebranded from the “Waterloo Trail” to the DTE Energy Foundation Trail. The first 5.2 mile loop of the trail at Green Lake was completed in June 2016. The second loop, on “the Big Kame” was completed in May 2017. The third loop, “Winn” was completed in August 2018. The fourth loop, “Sugar” was completed in August 2019. A potential fifth loop of the trail approximating 4 miles is possible in the future, pending MDNR approval. Follow our Facebook page for updates.

How you can help.

Development of the DTE Energy Foundation mountain bike trail system was a massive undertaking requiring significant monetary and human resources. The community and mountain biking public came together to support this project. Fund raising and sponsorship development continues, to build and maintain the trail system.

You can help maintain it >

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DTE Fans,The storm from yesterday left some significant trees down on all loops of the trail. While we aren't "closing" the trail, we would appreciate it if you could avoid it while our crews are out clearing, at least for today. We guarantee you won't be having much fun with the amount of trees you'll have to find a way around, so you aren't missing much. We will update when we have the "all clear".Thanks,DTE Mgmnt ... See MoreSee Less
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LAST DAY TO REGISTER for races and clinics is TOMORROW!! (Sunday, July 31) Don't miss out!LAST DAY TO REGISTER for races and clinics is TOMORROW!!! (Sunday, July 31) Don't miss out! ***FAMILY AND YOUTH ENDURO RACE***Saturday August 20, 2022This race is meant to be a fun filled day for youth and families who want to take part in an enduro race. It's a family friendly chance to get the kids out on the course and having fun. The race takes place on Winn Loop and will consist of 5 stages. Parents/family are encouraged to ride with kids, and are required to ride with the under 10's. Racers under 10 race free! There will be an awards ceremony afterwards. ***WOMEN'S ENDURO RACE***Sunday August 21, 2022Each category, Sport and Open, will have three age groupings. Sport category riders will race Big Kame and Winn loops for a total of 12 miles with 5 timed stages. Open category will race on Winn, Big Kame and Sugar loops for a total of 18 miles and 7 timed stages and will also be eligible for the Queen of the Kame competition. THE RACE WILL BE IN THE SATURDAY DIRECTION!***YOUTH CLINIC WITH JEFF LENOSKY***Friday August 19, 2022All skill levels ages 10-18 are welcome. At a minimum your child should be comfortable on a mountain bike riding single track trails. There will be a skills assessment and breakout sessions to accomodate all riders. The clinic will be split into two sessions at DTE Energy Foundation Trail. The morning session will focus on fundamentals like body position, bike body separation, shifting, braking, cornering and pumping. More advanced riders will work on wheel lifts, jumps and drops. The afternoon session will take place on Winn and Sugar loops and focus on applying skills to the trail. There will be a 6:1 participant to instructor ratio for this clinic.***GO FASTER - INTERMEDIATE CLINIC***Saturday August 20, 2022What is a Go Faster Clinic? It's not a beginner clinic. You have some riding experience and are comfortable on your bike, but want to take your riding on the trail to the next level. It's also a great clinic to take to get you race ready! This clinic will review some fundamentals and transition into making the most of the trail through effective cornering, picking lines, pumping for power and speed, and overcoming obstacles. We'll also cover basic trailside maintenance and bike setup to keep you going faster.The clinic will be split into two sessions. The morning session, held at Robin Hills Farm, will focus on fine tuning fundamentals. The afternoon session will be down the road at DTE Energy Foundation Trail and will focus on applying the skills to the trial. Lunch will be provided. We offer two clinics, one co-ed and one women specific. MEN'S ENDURO RACE is full, but you are welcome to sign up for the waitlist. Register Here: ... See MoreSee Less
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