How the trail is being built.

The Potowatomi Mountain Biking Association (PotoMBA –, an International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) Chapter, is spearheading the trail development with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). In February 2015, PotoMBA and MDNR signed an Operating Agreement to construct the Midwest’s most epic mountain bike trail system. In early 2016, the DTE Energy Foundation provided over a quarter-million dollars to fund trail construction, and the trail was rebranded from the “Waterloo Trail” to the DTE Energy Foundation Trail. The first 5.2 mile loop of the trail at Green Lake was completed in June 2016. The second loop, on “the Big Kame” was completed in May 2017. The third loop, “Winn” was completed in August 2018. The fourth loop, “Sugar” was completed in August 2019. Additional loops will be opening each year until 2020. Total trail mileage will proximate 20+ miles.

How you can help.

Development of the Waterloo mountain bike trail system is a massive undertaking requiring significant monetary and human resources. The community and mountain biking public will be asked to support this project in any way possible. Fund raising and sponsorship development continues, to build and maintain the trail system.

current $600K
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Update Tuesday, November 19th:


DTE Trail is currently closed due to freeze/thaw cycle conditions and will likely not be open during the next week as the weather will continue to be uncooperative.


The parking lots are currently NOT closed as a courtesy to our firearms deer hunting friends. Because the lots are NOT closed does NOT mean the trail is open.

Here's the new deal that went into effect this year....

MDNR is monitoring trail use. Under MDNR Director's Order, if you decide to use the trail when it is closed, you can be ticketed up to $500. Ignorance is no excuse to the law, so if you park in the lot because it is open, bypass the new "red" closed signs, then tell the MDNR Ranger or CO that you "didn't see" the signs - it doesn't matter. You can still receive a ticket. So, the bottom line is - don't do it unless you want a ticket. As the implementation of the Director's Order is new, MDNR will likely be doing more "patrols" to ensure compliance.

Thanks for your cooperation in keeping our trail in great shape! We will post here first when it reopens.
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Update Friday, November 15th, 2019 (Opening Day Firearms Deer Season):


Green Lake is still groomed, but the groom is getting icier and more melted and exposed. It is probably pretty middling today. Tomorrow will likely be better with the refreeze, but studs on fat tires would probably be a good idea. Be sure to wear bright colors (preferably hunter orange) today and tomorrow if you are going out and avoid dawn and dusk for trail use. Night riding with lights is a solid idea, as there is no hunting between sunset and sunrise.

Big Kame-Winn-Sugar are all ungroomed. Unlikely you could have a good riding experience on them, even if you wanted to do so, on either a fat bike or normal tire bike. However, if you want to try on Friday or Saturday, knock yourself out. A better bet might be to try to backcountry XC ski or snowshoe on those loops.

Sunday - ?

Due to rising temperatures next week and the freeze-thaw cycle, the trail and parking lots will be closed Saturday evening, late, and will likely not reopen for at least a week or maybe more depending on the weather. Don't worry, you won't be missing much - likely a melty mess of unrideable snow and ice.

That's our update for now. Let's hope solid and consistent winter weather starts up soon.
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